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LAHP Community Food Distributions!

LAHP Food Distribution Program, key points in a nutshell:

The Los Angeles Housing Partnership Food Distribution Program (the Program) has been regularly distributing food to its residents and communities throughout LA County, four-times-monthly for almost a decade! Since 2011 the Program has served over 38,000 Households and 111,000 Individuals, and the numbers are still climbing!

  • Established in 2007, the Program originally served two of its properties located in Hollywood and Korea Town. By 2011 LAHP had three distribution sites, and by 2013 expanded its services to the four current distribution sites it now operates.

  • Residents of LAHP properties are pre-qualified to participate in the Program. General Community Members self-qualify per the Income Guidelinesthat are posted at each distribution site.

  • LAHP currently receives 100% of its food supplies through LA Regional Food Bank. In the past LAHP has also partnered with the Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEELA) to augment its Program with fresh produce, purchased in bulk once-per-month from vendors located at the Echo Park Farmers’ Market.

  • When LAHP’s distribution sites are not close enough, or when the Program needs to cancel for various reasons, the LA Regional Food Bank provides a Search Toolon its main website to help locate other food pantries across LA County.

  • LAHP regularly works with its own residents and community neighbors as volunteers for the Program. Under normal circumstances (pre-Covid 19), approximately 35 unique volunteers give their time each month between LAHP’s four distribution sites.

  • LAHP has collaborated and participated in various small and large-scale community events, such as the MacArthur Park Winter Festival and Turkey Giveaways at the Olympic Community Police Station!

  • LAHP’s Core Mission is to develop affordable housing for low-income families and individuals, and also those requiring a high-level of care. As such, LAHP welcomes donations of New or Unused household/kitchen items, personal care products, toys, electronics, gift cards, and sports equipment to provide to its low-income tenants, volunteers, and communities!

  • Donors are welcome to specify who they would like to support with their donation, i.e., a resident family or individual, volunteer(s), or any client at an LAHP Food Program special event. Donors may also support LAHP directly. Please inquire to learn more!

  • NOTE: a complete list of the best items to consider donating can be found here. This list will soon be updated with LAHP’s current address. LAHP reviews and accepts donations of large furniture, appliances, and other items on a case-by-case basis.

  • If you have any questions or would like to contact us about the Food Distribution Program or donating to LAHP, please send an email to

                  Thank you!

In 2018 LAHP was able to provide a Thanksgiving event and served just under 150 families that day. 

LAHP Food Distribution 2018 Metrics

2019 was a tough year and numbers took a dive in June as several distributions had to be cancelled in a row due to the relocation of LAHP’s Corporate Office.   

LAHP Food Distribution 2019 Metrics

2020 began with average numbers of Households and Individuals being served — until it spiked in April when the initial Covid 19 panic was in full swing!
By June the numbers settled back down a little, but as the holidays approach we are beginning to see a rise in demand for our services again!

The LAHP Food Distribution Program and its volunteers would like to extend sincere gratitude for the support  being provided by the United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Program! With help from the EFSP LAHP was finally able to purchase vital equipment to improve and sustain its food delivery sytem!

Thank you!